Bishop Eddie Long is now in mediation. But, I thought he did nothing wrong…

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Back in September 2010, Bishop Eddie Long was accused by two black males claiming that he molested them while on trips out of the country.  Since the first two accusations, there are now four accusers.  Bishop Long has since denied the allegations and compared his battle to that of David and Goliath.  Although Long who says, “I have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man.  But I am not the man that’s being portrayed on the television,” he is a man who has always been adamant about homosexuality being an abomination to God.  It may be okay to do gay things just as long as you do not admit to yourself or others that you are a homosexual.  As a very comfortable man in his own skin, it is quite confusing why a grown man would even send clothed photographs of himself to young men.  Was this a form of brainwashing for Bishop Long?  Did his clothed photographs serve as a reminder to the young men just who supplied their needs?  Admitting that there were trips made with the young men, and even cars purchased for them, what was it that prompted them to file sexual charges against their caretaker?  Did something promised to the young men not get fulfilled?  It sounds more like there was some coercion for the young men to come forward and voice against Bishop Long.

Then, if you believe there was some means of coercion, and now that the same person who opposed anything remotely “gay” is now asking to meet behind closed doors to settle with the four accusers, you have to think that there is definitely more to the story than Bishop Long wants to admit.  Although it would be easy to claim that Bishop Long wants this story to hurry up and go away so that he can tend to his mega church, that is something that should have happened almost immediately as it started.  Just why did it take so long for this mediation process to come about?  Could there be more damaging evidence to support the young mens allegations?  I mean, with such a large congregation, the majority of Bishop Long’s church believe in him totally…that is, until he admits to his wrongdoings.  So, it appears that if there is a settlement through mediation, and a confidentiality clause is signed, not even the second closest member of the church staff will know of the final result.  Though there is always room for flaws.

Remembering the taped outdoor interview of Jamal Paris, the dialogue of Jamal was all too proper.  It appeared to be staged or even orchestrated.  As the confrontation of Jamal and the cameraman seemed impromptu, it couldn’t have been.  Just like the reasoning for all four accusers charging Bishop Long with sexual misconduct, et al.  It’s not hard to believe the guilt here.  Something actually happened…though the timing was off.  For the four young accusers, they bit the hand that fed them.  This could have been an extortion attempt at first that went wrong.  There’s no doubt that all four accusers know each other.  And, the fact that they all did not come forth at the same time makes the case even more obvious that it was staged.  Bishop Long is not off the hook.  He should have fought the accusations sooner.

Whether Bishop Long had sex with his four accusers or not, it is irrelevant.  Just the mere fact that he has denied any wrongdoings only now to want to meet behind closed doors unnerves a lot of people.  Time is of the essence and Bishop Long is long past due.  How can such a large body of people all have the same belief when the truth is looking them in the face every Saturday and Sunday?  Do these people just go to church for show or do they really believe what they are hearing?  Well, now, Bishop Long is believing what he is hearing.  There, again, must be a lot more there than is being shared with the public.

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