Okay, America. Now, what’s it gonna take…?

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At every turn, around every corner, the man who wants to do some good for the People is being double and triple-teamed to punk down.  All this is being done as his own family members watch and listen.  Why?  Are cabinet members newly voted in by the People and even the older ones really that repulsed by the John F. Kennedyan morals displayed by the man in charge today?  Can the American people not see through all the murky, but rose-colored waters thrown in their faces before Election Day 2010?

Most often, especially in today’s time, when somebody tells you, “I care about you,” it should be taken with a grain of salt.  There just has to be some sort of ulterior motive.  Unless, of course, when the person telling you how much they care about you, while showing you how much they care with blood, sweat, and tears – can’t that be reason enough to believe?

There are so many who believe that G-d, or black magic, the Santeria will see them through the evils of the world.  But what if the power of Man is stronger than that of G-d or white magic or even black magic?  For the past two years, Americans have spoken out for change and even voted for it – twice.  It’s just that the first time they voted for change, they had no idea just how bad the newly crowned prince had it.  Then, when all the facts stared them in the face, they wanted another miracle performed with a different set of powers.  It seems the second vote showed just how faithless the people were.  So sad.

If the people of this great nation really do want change, they are not showing it.  How many of us are really wealthy enough to endure the long, strong-arm of the government?  Not many.  How many of us are poor enough to want more out of life?  Many of us.  Can you remember the best time of your life?  Was it the ’80s, the ’90s?  Either way, it was a time much longer than before 2010.  For quite a few, the poverty bug has yet to creep up on them.  But, rest assured, it will arrive.  And when that bug does arrive, it will carry memories of “I told you so” and “If only…”

The revolution will be televised.  As long as we continue to think that our ever-changing mindset will be heard by the powers-that-be, we are committing ourselves to our favorite drug of choice:  Hypocrisy.  Let’s talk the best game we can, until we need to be real.  The fancy houses we live in – we really can’t afford them.  The luxury vehicles we chauffeur ourselves around in – we wish we could trade them in for something else, but we just can’t let anyone see us on the bus.  Soon, there won’t be any financial aid to keep our children in the private schools they attend.  Yes, people do request and apply for financial aid for their children’s grade school education.  And, for those who have received grant monies for projects they can’t show progress for… just think what you’re going to do when you don’t get approved next time.

By now, anyone who is receiving or looking to accept government aid is considered a hostage.  And, as President Obama put it the “hostage-taking” Republicans should be seen for what they are.  This is just how  brainwashed people can be.  They heard the beautiful and wonderful words that were to lead them to the promise land.  They saw the ads that displayed flawed figures.  They saw a painted picture covered over truth.  And again, they thought that their prayers would be answered – overnight.  They were.  Just in an opposite direction.

So, what now, America?  Can you really stand up and say that you were wrong in your beliefs?  Will you continue to support the rich with the knowledge that many of our own dreams will have to be deferred forever?  Do you have a Plan C for your Plan B and a Plan D for your Plan C?  Just remember, all that glitters is not gold – it’s probably the kind that turns green when it gets wet from the sweat that forms when one tries to figure out which bill they’re going to pay, this week.

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