Who killed Ronni Chasen? Was blood really thicker than water?

Hollywood Ending
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Ronni Chasen, Hollywood Publicist, was gunned down on November 16 by career criminal, Harold Martin Smith.  Although the position of Ms. Chasen’s vehicle possibly showed that she tried to escape a robbery, that may not really have been the case.

Chasen, who was 64 at the time of her death, was an A-list Hollywood agent and promoter of some of Hollywood’s top films.  It has been said that Ronnie Chasen was driving to her Beverly Hills home after attending the premier party for the movie “Burlesque” when she was shot five times.  But, as it has been speculated that Chasen was randomly shot by a career criminal who rode his bicycle alongside Chasen’s Mercedes, it should be more obvious to police that this act was not random.  With the assurance that Ms. Chasen had travelled that route many times and even after attending many other parties in the area, why would she be gunned down at that particular time?  Even more strange is who she was gunned down by.

It would seem appropriate for someone who wanted Ms. Chasen dead, probably after she refused to promote their film or assist with finances, to not want to be tied to her death.  Would it not be in the best interest of the police to investigate everyone who stood to profit or benefit from her demise?  For example, if there was a will, who was the beneficiary?  It has also been said that Ms. Chasen had a brother in the entertainment industry who was working on his own feature at the time of her death.

Let’s just review some dialogue expressed by Sgt. Mike Publicker:  “We do not believe that he was a paid hit man.  This was a random act of violence.  With Mr. Smith’s background, we believe it was most likely a robbery gone bad, at this time.  Through the interviews and the information we received, that leads us to believe that he was at a desperate point in his life, and was reaching out and doing desperate measures.”

Earlier today, it was said that the gun Harold Martin Smith used to kill Ronnie Chasen and himself was also a gun used in a suicide by another man.  If this was the case, how did the gun escape police custody?

This seems like something right out of a Hollywood movie.  A career criminal is sought to commit the crime of the century.  With no bright outlook on life, he is told that he would be paid handsomely once the job is done.  But, if he got caught, he was on his own.  He never meets the person who hires him to do the job…then again, with the taste of something to tease his desperate and hungry soul, he only sees dollar signs.  Probably on drugs and delusional, as suspected by the boss, he blabs and draws attention to himself.  And, then fearing that even be shackled was too much for him again, he takes his own life before he is taken back to jail.  Hollywood or what?  And police don’t believe he was a paid assassin!  Did it really take that much to seek out someone as desperate as Harold Martin Smith?  If one reviews the history of Harold Martin Smith’s criminal activity, they will see that it possibly did not involve murder.  So, how can police really explain this being a “random” act of violence.  Of all the Mercedes in L.A., Ronni Chasen’s vehicle was the choice that day?  Who is actually buying this story?  As neighbors of Smith told ABC News, Smith boasted about committing the murder, claimed he had $10,000 coming to him for the crime and said he would not be willing to return to jail.  Does this sound like a random act?  Ronni Chasen was singled out by this criminal – and police are denying that this was the case.  This may be crazy but who would stop their vehicle for someone riding a bicycle with a gun?  Was this person really riding a bicycle?  Or did Ronni Chasen know this person through another acquaintance?  This case is all wrong and everybody should be investigated.  I would bet that Ronni Chasen would not support someone – causing them hardship.  Her death was done in retaliation.  You are in a vehicle, driving down the road, only to have someone try and rob you?  Was Ronni’s window rolled down – or did the robber/slayer shoot through the window?

Everything is wrong about Hollywood’s statement in this case.  I just hope that they take a long time to reveal the contents of the Will – and that the insurance company take their investigation.  Maybe then, we will find out who the real murderer is.

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