I Will Wait For You

I will wait for you
Though I am not well-liked
I am an acquired
My dark qualities mystify
as there is a lighter side to me
no one can write home to Papa about me
I love too
and I can comfort you
when no one can or wants to
I love you
And you can show your love for
your desire to be with me
Any way you can
Just as long as you get
We can be like Romeo and that Juliette
only if you don’t get caught
during our elopement
I promise you my never-ending love
in hope that you
do realize that there is no room for sorrow once I put that ring on your
and the tears you shed will be the only vow I need
A matrimony so
And I won’t care what you look like on my side of the bed
I will
wait as long as it takes
Besides, I’m not the one in despair


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