No money or just a little less money..what is best for America?

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Now that President Obama has made a decision to keep food on the table for many of the Working Poor, he is being blamed for not keeping it away from them.  There once was a time when the President of the United States was heard, not just aptly listened to, but heard.  Today, there is a person in the White House who can’t even get his own staff members to go along with his plans.  And that is part of the Working Poor.

The Bush Tax Cuts seemed to be a modestly designed plan to keep the rich with a little more of their monies than the rest of the world would like them to have.  However, with the challenge coming from the Republicans, those who are receiving unemployment benefits were taken hostage by having their checks withheld indefinitely had the President not agreed to keep the rich in their modest, yet lavish, lifestyle.  Who won?  The Republicans say that they won – by forcing the President to give in to their demands.  And to think that these are the same people the American People voted for out of the need for “change.”  The President looked after his herd by ensuring them that they would have funds continued to come their way.  So why is he still hated?

When the President voiced during his Congressional Speech, quite a few naysayers said that he “whined” about the Republicans not working with him.  “Whined?”  All he did was state the facts.  Before John Boehner could take the House Speaker’s seat, he made it clear that there would be many revisions in the President’s plans.  First, they were to look at healthcare reform.  Okay, maybe the real detriment to their financial status took precedence first.  They’ll visit that task after January 1, 2011.  Yet and still, the American People voted to have themselves held hostage.

Whenever there is talk about who the best President was or who did a better job during his Presidency, somehow flawed figures arise showing whose tax plan helped most.  Have we all forgotten that during President Clinton‘s administration America was in surplus status?  It should go without saying that with war comes deficit.  And, of the Iraqi War has more than likely surpassed tallies in every department.  But, it’s the media that refuses to release those numbers properly.

Equating President Obama’s term to a stint on American Idol, think of a contestant receiving a song that was performed before his or her time.  Just how much time does one have to rehearse or get some research on that tune?  True singers sing with feeling – especially once they know the meaning of the song.  Can’t we say the same thing of the Presidency?  Who would have taken on his task had they truly known what they were facing?  It would have to be someone who was dead set on having that title.  The President is not a miracle worker – though promises are made everyday and everybody.  There are even Principals in elementary and high schools that assure safety, yet they are the same ones who tuck their tales and run whenever a fight breaks out in the school.  Our 2008 President has never done that.

I won’t say and I am not saying that I agree with everything the Democrats do or have done.  I am not totally for the Republicans.  But I will say that it is sad that people jump ship or commit mutiny because it’s the popular thing to do.  When it’s all said and done, do people really sleep that well when the all mighty dollar is of concern?  For those who will continue to receive their hostage-held unemployment checks, how did you vote in this last election?  Do you still have those same feelings?  Then, for all those self-employed and entrepreneurs, just how many paychecks are you from financial ruin?  For many, all it takes is one or two business clients pulling out and you’re done.  The popular vote isn’t always the best.

There are wonderful shows like: “The Ed Show” and “Anderson Cooper 360” and “Parker and Spitzer” that really express the feelings of the people of America.  Again, I may not agree with everything expressed on their shows, but the views and opinions expressed are fair.  The best satire ranted today is “Real Time with Bill Maher.”  As a comedian, author,  social critic, television host, and political commentator, Bill Maher can actually backup what he spews out.  And, in his favor, he is not afraid to say when he was “wrong.”  He is at the right time when America needs the truth with a laugh.

Another thing, just think of all the gay dollars that have the potential to front our wars.  In war, the only gun that should be exposed on the field is that one that can put someone out of their miserable life here on earth.  Not one that can possibly put one in misery for a few minutes or so.  If anyone is putting that much emphasis on the latter, they have no business on that battlefield.  I think a good question to ask an openly gay man or woman who wants to go to war for his or her country is:  “Why do you want to fight for your country?”  And, please don’t tell me that there isn’t an adequate accepted response for this question.  To be honest, there are some straight potential enlistees who couldn’t really answer the question.  This even makes me want to ask America:  “Why did you vote for change in this last election?”

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