He came back home


He came back home

And all the friends and faces

he once knew they all

were gone

So, he settled in

And for a time he wished that he could do it all again

But that wasn’t true

He was sore and he was tired

and still admired

For the longer he was away

The people would say

That boy’s gonna make it someday

He never knew

Married and gone

Everything was wrong – not a clue

What could he do

Why was he so blue?

God only knew

Somebody had a plan

for him

That he couldn’t see

Why was the life he wanted

full of such misery

And if he called out for love

To the stars up above

Would he be answered

in the way his life was supposed to be?

Leaving it all behind

Cause in the back of his mind

everybody wasn’t kind

Most of em took

cause of his look

Never even opening his book

He remembered it all

And one by one he watched as

all the ones who laughed at him begin to fall

Though he felt ten feet tall

No star of the ball

He remembered it all

He remembered it all

And when he hit the door

He could have kissed the floor

With the love of many

What he would give for any

To settle down with him

Since times will change

And even remain strange

Life back home doesn’t look so


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