A Poem
by TTBoy

How warm must the water
before I can easily
dip myself in?

What is too hot for my
hand to allow

sand to sift
through the same fingers that
I long to use to strum
and caress the pieces that

make her know that
woman is what was created from


With a mind devoid of
her smile can be
misconstrued as cockiness

for she can take
all she wants
of that and throw it back
on them

Squirming for attention
are the freaks
who tout peaks
above their sneaks

packing danger for geeks and Greeks alike

But be damned if the
light dims before
making her

The flame can be thrown
unknown causing her to own
the most majestic bone

Picture her all alone

You as her throne

Moan and moan again and again

my friend

Where and when will it

After you begin to
realize the depravity of sin you lived in

For what you prayed for

opened the door
that allowed the wind to blow

leaving the Kandle full and hearty

That sweet delectable scent of flesh marinating

in juices of all colors of the rainbow

Awaiting the teasing
sensation of your tongue

or that part that’s sprung

adding to its pool of depth

having wasted every match to ignite

a fight that needed no more light

The dreaded sight of your pathos

as she said, “Goodnight”

© 2010 TTBoy

One thought on “Kandle

  1. This is so like a flowing river of sensuality. The rhyme and word choice have merged perfectly..yet have a unique pattern and style that is both enchanting and unpredictable. This poem is like a dance and the music of course is love played by romantics. EXCELLENT WORK AHTecoy. Bravo!

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