A Love Affair Gone Mad

A Love Affair Gone Mad

A Poem by TTBoy

On screen,

He was the model citizen

Careful dialect for the careful many

Careful words led
to open critiques written-off
initially as child’s play

from a childish mind though animalistic

skullied-body tortures

The joy befelt the self-professed deity

as he grew from her fear and loathing

And then

like scissors that shorten the ribbon

that decorate the carefully and skillfully wrapped package

It released the excess back onto the spool

from which is spun

The package was delivered with care

with the hope that what mattered was inside

and no recycling of wasted laborious material

When we can never be too careful

careful can obsess over us in a way that make us

feel the need to lose ourself

She knew when to take a bow

© 2010 TTBoy28

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