Is MTV to blame when its stars go bad?

An early MTV station ID
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When MTV created the self-proclaimed hit reality tv show, “Jersey Shore,” they had to know that there would be extreme violence, ignorance, and vulgarity.  In fact, did they advise their actors to do just that?  If so, and not, when the cameras are rolling and not rolling, isn’t it the show’s responsibility to intervene?  I mean, aren’t these “actors” under contract by MTV?  For gosh sakes, what if the actors get hurt by someone who could actually pummel them in the ground?

Take a look at “Jersey Shore” actor RonaldRonnie” Ortiz-Magro.  a grand jury in Ocean County, N.J. says there’s evidence that he committed a crime.

On September 4, 2009, though filming had stopped for the “Jersey Shore” reality tv show, Ronald, or “Ronnie,” knocked a man out with a punch in Seaside Heights.  Though MTV chose not to show the  incident, Ronnie was seen bragging about the brawl.  Question, just because a major TV network chooses to not show something, does it mean that something doesn’t exist to them?  It seems the only way to keep something like this private would be to have everyone surround the “stars” to sign a confidentiality agreement.  But, that would mean MTV has to pay everybody connected or not to the actual show.  Now, if Ronald is found guilty and has to serve time for the scene, will MTV come to his rescue.  As it stands right now, Ortiz-Magro has no attorney listed.

Just suppose you get a group of teenagers together for a party scene.  The cameras stop rolling but there are tons of available rooms on the set for a little free time.  What if at least one of those teenagers, female of course, says that she got pregnant on the set?  Who is responsible for that?  It should be made obvious to anyone wishing to become a Reality TV star.  Once you start, even when the cameras aren’t rolling, you are still on camera.  Wait, is that a contradiction?  That sounds like the network should and would be held accountable for anyone’s actions once they stand in front of the camera.  In my opinion, there is no disclaimer that can prevent that from happening.  When a network sponsors such behavior, they are the ones responsible for the beginning, middle, and end.

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