What if Heaven…

What if Heaven…

A Poem by TTBoy


What if Heaven

was not just above

would that be the thing

most of us dream of?

Could we then live

in peace and harmony

to know that we could actually

harm so many?

And as we get lowered below

and dirt thrown down on us

what makes everyone so sure

that there would be a big old fuss?

So if there was a gate

that also welcomed hate

Should we not leave with so much on our plate

and stroll on in fashionably late?

If we had a choice

would we use our voice

to choose warmth or cool that

up here one thinks a fool?

A never-ending room

with the absence of gloom

What difference would it make

if we could all foresake?

Scoffing at the Bible

blaming it for its libel

Choosing your own path

Accepting and admitting all wrath

© 2010 TTBoy

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