A Poem by TTBoy


Life has not taken you

to many places

But it has taken you

through many changes

Though surrounded with members

who are glad to have you

Nothing can they do to help you

live in a means without glitz

And a little girl with the smarts to

know that intelligence makes glamour

Never one for the girly-girl things,

you took many knocks as a plastic surgeon

could easily remove one constant reminder

of a could-have been

To wish things were different

to wish that you did not have to endure

what you did would mean that you are not here


and that life did not care about you

And to look at you now

even the holyest of holy men and women

could not mask the halo that you possess

Envy knows why it cannot touch you

and it is angered everyday everynight

because you never once welcomed it into

your heart

You have what no book can teach you

common sense and one who is protected

and guided by a power that is so strong until

even your children can write their own ticket

in this life that has kept you here for a more spiritual


And though you have seen things that no young girl

or woman should ever see


you do have the glitz and glamour

and nothing can be taken away from you

© 2010 TTBoy

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