I Remember

I Remember

A Poem by TTBoy


I Remember

the first love I had

the way that love had me

I felt I would go mad

I Remember

when I first made love

and I was afraid to let go

of the fear that was unwarranted

of myself I couldn’t show

I Remember

when I did it all

the things that made me melt

When I didn’t have to hear “I love You”

and your showing how you felt

I Remember

being able to be

alone and together with my thoughts

The way you helped me love me

and appreciate my faults

I Remember

when I was able to give back

without even knowing it

If ever there was a lack

to you,

it didn’t matter one bit

I Remember

when I said, “Thank You”

and I didn’t have to repeat myself

You made me feel so special

when you lifted my heart off that shelf

© 2010 TTBoy

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