Hell’s Interview

Hell’s Interview

A Poem by TTBoy

Accused of being late

noses turned upward as she was

felt to be better than
anything else

Spoken to harshly

sobs in gobs as sneers and jeers

mocked her in the hallowed shadows that

possessed extreme passionate putridicity

With pleas unable to find
her knees

she candidly spoke of her life and it was

the end that changed

A time

A moment

A second

in her head that blurted feelings of hate

toward a cloudy sky

accompanied by brisk winds

and car splashes of non-discriminant taste

One moment

that expelled all Bible study lessons

and prayer meetings

One moment that someone

something heard her exclaim,

“Why today?”

About to render her sentence

the serpent’s tongue twisted when the words,

“Oh Heavenly Father, please forgive me

I have been and always will be true to You”

were cast into the air

Illuminated was the figure like a puppet

charged with a backup generator telling her

to stand a deliver

And with that

The prayer was heard in the company of

His foe

No walk into a light

but a disintegration that quickly brought her back


There her fearless escort arrived

to take her to her true destination

Advising of another return for someone else

who was accidentally dropped off

Her departure returned all to normal for the

now slithering seething serpent so sullenly

stricken spitefully

Awaiting applicants failed to see her


despite hearing the next name called

© 2010 TTBoy28


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