How Great Water Is! It is for everyone!

drinking water

I have heard so many people, so many times, say how they can’t stand to drink water.  What, are you kidding me!?  And, the people who usually say crap like this have really smelly breath and can’t remember the last time they had a bowel movement.  I mean, what gives?  I remember working with a girl in the industry who couldn’t conceive a child and always had cramps.  She would often drink smoothies and coffee, but she would never drink water.  Her teeth were always filmy, as I knew she either didn’t know how to floss or just chose not to do so.  The guys I know who don’t drink water are the ones who were having trouble getting their fiancée or wives pregnant.  I never said anything…but just that maybe they should go see a doctor.  But wouldn’t the doctor tell them that they were all dried up and needed lubrication other than that of KY Warming Gel or KY Lubricating Gel?  Then again, the doctor does need to make money.  And I believe this has a lot to do with erectile dysfunction too.  Can you imagine having everything all dried up inside you?

Here’s something that can help everyone out…  Before you go to bed, just make sure the last thing you drink is something warm.  I say this because of the fats that sit in your system at night.  Then, when you awake, make sure you drink a good 8 ounces of cold water.  The cold water you drink pushes the fats down and forces them out of the system.  This will definitely make you want to go to the bathroom.  This lubricates the system, and guys, you might even have that erection that you’ve been looking for for so long.  Now, this works for me.  If it doesn’t work for you, you should have your insides checked by a quality doctor.  With the release of all that waste just sitting in your body, you are sure to lose so much weight until you just might lose your mind.  We all know that shedding excess pounds helps us in our quest to become more flexible when performing acts of kindness on and/or for others.  Things also hang a lot better too.

I don’t really believe that everyone needs to drink a lot of water (I think it’s a recommended daily allowance to have at least 8 16 ounce glasses of it).  Who really has that much time to drink that much water per day?  Especially working class people, do you realize how often one is away from their work due to having to run to the bathroom all the time?  And, if you are drink that much water and not going to the bathroom, you should see a doctor.  You are retaining too much of the clear stuff.

I don’t care what anybody else says, I still drink only bottled water.  At least I don’t see anything floating around in my clean, clear bottle that I otherwise see in my clean, clear glass that houses that tappy stuff.  Even if it’s the store brand of bottled water, I would still choose that over tap water.  Water can help you to lose weight, if drank in moderation.  Water drank before a meal can help fill your stomach from overeating.  But, don’t you know when you’ve had too much to eat anyway?  When you feel yourself damn near ready to b-u-t bust, and on the verge of passing out, haven’t you had enough?  That is just pure gluttony…and it’s disgusting.  Stop it!  Stop it from today on!  Water and vegetables.  Water and fruit.  Water with anything except sugar can help anyone to lose the much-unwanted weight hanging off one’s sides.

Remember, I before E except after C.  If I E, then I need the water from the C.  So, when I (myself, me) drink the water from the C (sea, ocean), I need less E (eat, eating), leading to a better I (me)!  Isn’t that amazing?  Perceive and then Conceive!

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