I Love Winona Ryder

I Love Winona Ryder

A Poem by TTBoy28

You were the “It”
the perfect fit
everybody wanted to be and see
Then on one fatal day
you didn’t pay
did you need that reality

I miss what you did
perfect as a kid
You were the epitome of grace
So damn demure
all righteous and pure
keeping that little women smile on your face

So glad you chose a profession
that didn’t warrant a confession
You gave them all a run
If it was a spell do tell
starring in movies from Hell
Man, I thought you had so much fun

Committing things on a whim
never because of him
you used to command top dollar
Playing second fiddle
became such a costly riddle
But you can still make me hollar

You must stay around
save the lost and make them found
tell your story to them all
Possessing still that glow
the 90’s came to know
did the Phoenix actually fall?

© 2010 TTBoy28

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