Why Should We Care in 2011?

I mean, really!  Who cares that Lindsay Lohan is leaving rehab, again?  Is someone, namely the Media, paying this chica for staying in their face so they can put her in ours?  For someone who has done absolutely nothing aside from appearing as though she slept under a trailer, what is so appealing about this girl who the Media wants us to love her?  Can you imagine if the Hasselhoffs got together with the Lohans?  That would make for the best bar brawl known to all mankind.  At least David Hasselhoff could hold down a job and can even speak elegantly to Matt Lauer about anything without slurring his words and trying to pimp a child he cares about more than the one that is already the little Media darling.  Oh, sorry.  Did I just rant?

Why can’t we worry ourselves with things that truly matter?  Like, people beating the crap out of homeless people just because they’re homeless.  Get this, a Florida police lieutenant’s son turned himself in today after Sanford Chief of Police Brian Tooley issued a warrant for Justin Collison, 21, of Sanford, Florida, because of a video he viewed showing Collison punching a homeless man in the back of the head outside of a bar.  “After I saw the video I was shocked,” Tooley told ABC News.  “I was very surprised after watching that video that we did not make an arrest that night.”  Tooley said that he was disappointed in his department especially since the incident involved someone in his department.  “Since this involved the lieutenant’s son, we should have made sure everything was (done) according to the books,” Tooley said.  “It wasn’t handled well at all.”  The man who was punched for no reason was 48-year-old Sherman Ware.  Sherman was left unconscious on the sidewalk as a result of Collison’s total disregard of human life.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, Sherman Ware suffered from a broken nose from the attack.  Before Collison was arrested, Sherman Ware’s sister, Tonnetta Foster, told ABC affiliate WFTV that Collison was getting special treatment and that he had not been charged for several weeks after the incident.

Can anyone really and truthfully think that this case is being handled as it would be handled like any other case?  Why did it take so long for an arrest to be made here?  And to think that the Florida Police Department allowed this person to turn himself in and released after posting a measly $4,000 bail and fitted with a monitor.  This is really sad.  But this is a legitimate cause to be concerned about.  Black against White – what an uneven playing field!  Could Collison have done this to a White homeless person?  Should one believe that this was Collison’s first offense?  Should we be concerned with who filmed and/or turned in the video to the authorities?  Please don’t ask this person if he has any hatred or anger towards the Black race.  It just would be fair to think that Collison would be anything other than evil, wicked, and despicable.  But then there will be the friends of Collison who would say, “Oh, he is the most loving and respected person and friend anyone would want to have.  He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  One of his best friends is Black.”  Typical.  What’s going to become of Collison?  He’ll probably become a state senator in a few years.  He may even become President of the United States…without even changing his name.  Though a few ballots may get lost in the dumpster.  I somehow vaguely remember a similar case…

Another something we should care about in 2011 is the depths of the cries of John Boehner.  Because the GOP is so adamantly opposed to the plans of Barack Obama, will it provoke so much emotion in John Boehner that he will cry every time his political coup is victorious in any way?  Will this be John Boehner’s way of bragging that his childhood made him the Goliath he always wanted to be?  I think that there should be a rehab center for those politicians whose political agendas are thwarted in any way while they are still in office.  Oh they can still serve out their term.  It’s just that it should be said that they are undergoing treatment for their conducive conduct.  I think people can grow to like John Boehner.  When you see him, he looks like he wants to just reach out and hug the President because of the emotional attachment that he himself has for a less-than-silver-spoonish upbringing.  I just don’t know if this was the case with Barack Obama.  Even his color is more polished than the average person of color.  For gosh sakes, he is the President of the United States!  Should we give John Boehner a chance in 2011.  He may well be on his way to the presidency, slaying Sarah Palin along the way.  What a fabulous song, “Barack, Sarah, and John” would make!

And, when the other major networks are showing the same boring tv shows, another network comes along that could well be in the running of providing the same of programming.  But it won’t do that.  It won’t be like the others because it will be manned by Oprah Winfrey.  Oprah Winfrey launched her own network, OWN on January 1, 2011.  What a wonderful set of initials, first of all.  It means so much.  I had a chance to watch a couple of the shows since the network’s launch.  “Enough Already with Peter Walsh” and “Master Class” have to be two of the best shows I have ever seen on television.  Although “Enough Already” has been initiated on A&E, the difference with Oprah’s show is that its host actually has and shows emotion towards his subjects.  I like “Master Class” because there is no interviewer provoking questions and answers from the focus.  It’s just the main subject talking about his or her life and what they endured on their rise to fame.  But if there is one show that can become tiresome on the OWN Network, it would be “Ask Oprah’s  All Stars” with Dr. Oz, Suze Orman, and Dr. Phil.  The three are panelists who answer audience questions.  What could ruin this show is how often the same show is aired.  Many could get bored and frustrated with seeing those same three faces, wearing the same clothes, in the same positions (with Suze always in the middle) all the time.  I wish they will switch it up some time and possibly have one of the three “Ask Oprah’s All Stars” act as show host – removing himself of herself from the panel and walking the floor.  That would be very interesting.  Lisa Ling has always gone to full depths with her documentaries and exposes.  Again, if her shows are repeated too much, she can suffer from overexposure of the worst kind.  There is just so much to watch on the OWN Network.  I have so much faith that Oprah will become more of a household name with men as much as she is with women.  And, with just one viewing of “Kidnapped By The Kids,” men will be sold.  Also, I don’t think viewers would want to see Oprah on her own network that often.  She could probably make a guest appearance, but she should stay away as much as possible.  She’ll still be loved by the many, many millions she already possesses.

There are the obvious things we should care about in 2011 like:   unemployment, healthcare, healthcare reform, bullying (adults and children), the arts, and mental illness, and foreclosure.  But a message should be sent to the Media to let them know what we really want them to focus on.  Down with Reality TV shows where its participants paint their skin a ridiculous, laughable hue.  Down with little girls who will never grow up no matter how many times and people they unnerve.  Down with politicians who feel that their vision is the best vision.  Down with the notion that Americans can’t handle their own business correctly, effectively, and efficiently.  Down with a platform that praises something or someone who doesn’t deserve it.  Down with 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 20………  Why Should We Care in 2011?  Because if another million or more lose their homes, their jobs, their lives, there won’t be anything left.

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