The Predatory Pervert

The Predatory Pervert

A Poem by TTBoy28

I chatted to be chatting

and I loved where it went

a hundred I was batting

with narry a word being bent

Nothing was obscene

not even strange

Though I did sense a little green

on the verge of pitiful mange

I guess I was caught off guard

okay, it was shock

I thought I was speaking to a bard

instead it was someone holding a glock

All of a sudden one word

or maybe it was two

As my blood began to curd

What was I supposed to do?

It must have been a compliment

that I paid to my guest

Or was it sheer sentiment

for being pathetic, I must confess

If it was the latter

it had to have been in fun

Without Skype, what did it matter

it seemed easy to run

But I don’t remember doing that

I’m not that type of guy

For a girl can wear a baseball hat

and punch a boy in the eye

It’s all about deception

So glad I felt an alert

A true to life inception

Coercion into playing pervert

That was then and it isn’t now

to entertain such wickedness I wonder how

did it come to pass that I would see

how online dating isn’t reality

© 2011 TTBoy28

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