Jared Lee Loughner – Proof that if you seem crazy to others, you are crazy!

Candlight vigil for Gabrielle Giffords & Arizo...
Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr


So, from what I understand, Jared Lee Loughner was a college student who possibly had an identity crisis.  He wanted the attention of girls, but he wasn’t like the guys they liked.  He possibly tried to mimic them, but he just couldn’t.  But he still wanted attention.  Not necessarily to be a comedian or display weird and absurd antics – but he wanted some girl to show him some attention.  The problem with this is that if school officials knew or had some inkling of his condition, instead of advising him to seek attention, couldn’t they have alerted someone or some other authority of his condition?  He definitely should have been on somebody’s watch list.  Okay, so he wasn’t.  Is it safe to say that he didn’t have somebody that he confided in?  Although he may have acted alone in his brazen attempt for attention, he must have at some time kept company with someone else who was considered a loner.

It is a terrible thing that happened to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  My heart and prayers go out to her and her family for a well recovery.  I have to ask:  Why her?  Was Rep. Giffords like those girls in his school that rejected him?  Did Rep. Giffords know of Loughner in any way?  If Loughner’s actions were due to political reasons then consider possibly his dislike for the Democratic Party and the fact that she was a woman.  Otherwise, what he did makes entirely no sense.  I don’t think anyone should be pointing fingers at anyone else in saying that because of the gun laws being so laxed in Arizona – that that was the reason for the deaths in Arizona.  And, like Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County said, “He could have purchased this gun in any state.  It’s not just Arizona.  There are too many people who have temper problems who have troubled personalities.  This isn’t an unusual individual.  There are hundreds just like him in our community.  And in every other community.”  And he’s right.  What needs revisiting is the fact that his school and classmates knew of his condition.  But I think what should be implemented is some kind of psychological test or exam – or even a questioning scheme as to why the person wants to purchase a gun.  Then, based on their answers who deem them either qualified to walk free with a firearm or be placed on a wait list.  And even that makes no sense because a person can possibly purchase a gun on the street with no questions asked.

I wish that even though our elected officials are public figures, a civilian should not be able to approach them so easily.  True, everyone wants to say and probably convince themselves that they are not afraid to interact with the public, but as packages are igniting in offices…hate mail is being reported about the President of the United States and Psalm 109.  When is it ever going to stop?  Better yet, who started this?

Had it been a man in Rep. Giffords’ position, would Loughner had committed the unspeakable?  Probably not.  When in school, Pima Community College in Arizona, Loughner sought the attention and most likely the affection from the girls there.  He couldn’t naturally be like the guys – even if he had to try and pretend to be like them.  Now I don’t know why Rep. Giffords was in the place she was at the time of the shooting, but it almost seems that Loughner may have had the gun for some time and awaiting the perfect moment.

There is a forensic psychiatrist at New York University and an ABC News consultant, Dr. Michael Welner, who says, “I think John Lennon had more to do with this than Sarah Palin.”  Well, if look at how the message of the Tea Party cascades throughout every weak brain cell that sniffs a Sarah Palin speech, then it is about Sarah Palin.  But to consider this a case of John Lennon because Mark David Chapman wanted to acquire John Lennon’s fame is somewhat on the same caliber as Gabrielle Giffords.  With Rep. Giffords being a public official, the mentally unstable Loughner most likely saw this figure as one of the popular girls who would not give him the time of day.  Shooting her was his way of getting back at all those girls.  The judge who eventually died was probably viewed as one of the strong guys who the girls fancied.  I don’t really know.  But it does make sense.  Along with the smirk he made for his mugshot.

There are so many people who have mental problems that are not getting the help they need.  What they really don’t need is to hear other voices preaching about how we need to take this back or take that back.  With so much hate being subliminally imbedded in messages by parties that are known to enrage and outrage, how can we not look at that as an enhancer to overblown and deflated egos?  There are many factors that could have acted as a catalyst in not only the igniting packages – but in the fatal incident involving Rep. Giffords.  It would only help matters if the political travelling bandwagon ceased for a while.  It would also make sense again to have school officials take notice and report any suspicous activity or behavior.  Could Loughner’s actions have been avoided?  Yes.  Had someone spoken sooner and alerted the proper authorities, maybe Loughner could have been held for a psych evaluation.  Don’t just tell someone that they should have a psych evaluation.  That obviously does no good.  Like with the case of Tyler Clementi, at Rutgers University, the school had knowledge of the wrong doing and could have done something to prevent escalation.

So what role did Obama play in this fiasco?  Nothing.  What role did Sarah Palin play, she uses a voice with overtones.  What role did Jared Lee Loughner play, he wanted to be something he wasn’t – accepted.  Who else is to blame?  The answer may just be the same group of people who are to blame for all that’s happened since the BP explosion.  I think it’s all on tape too.  Anyway, somebody knew something yet did nothing.

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