Again, Law Officials drop the ball. This time in Arizona!

This is something we’re hearing a lot of.  The suspect being stopped or pulled over by law officials prior to a fatal accident.  Remember the Tiffany Hartley case…the woman we haven’t heard very much from since she went on a crusade for better border patrol in Mexico?  Prior to David Hartley going missing, after Tiffany Hartley claimed that he was shot in the head by Mexican pirates, the Hartley’s vehicle was pulled over by Mexican police.  What was so disturbing about the Hartley case was the fact that they had expired tags in a place that was not their native land.  For people to not be able to see a problem with this, why not?  Was this not a red flag to the police officer who pulled them over?  To prevent Tiffany Hartley’s claim, the couple should have been forced to return to the US and not allowed to proceed to Falcon Lake where Tiffany Hartley claimed her husband was shot in the head as they tried to flee supposed apprehension by the Mexican pirates.  A body has yet to be found.  Tiffany Hartley has since left Mexico after being questioned by Mexican officials.

Then we have Jared Loughner, the young man who shot, at point-blank range, Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the head – as well as killing others in the middle of all the mayhem.  How is it that this young man, who was stopped for running a stop sign, was not recognized as being agitated and possibly “disturbed” at that time?  According to ABC and an Arizona Game and Fish Department officer:  “The do not routinely make traffic stops, except when public safety is at risk, such as running a red light.  The officer took Mr. Loughner’s driver’s license and vehicle registration information and ran it through dispatch.  The check came back with no wants nor any outstanding warrants on either the subject or his vehicle.”  Question:  Was the individual allowed to proceed because of his race?  It’s pretty obvious to me that had this person been detained – even forced to submit to a coherency test, that this catastrophe would have been prevented.  In fact, this situation may have just ended with the police who pulled him over.

I think it is part of the decree as a best friend to defend one’s honor in a time of being blasted by others.  The best friend of Jared Loughner states very calmly that the picture the media shows of a sinister looking Jared Loughner is not the Jared Loughner he knows.  This is very hard to believe.  We hear this time and time again how in a time when a friend commits a heinous crime (such as, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei of Rutgers University – in the suicide of Tyler Clementi), they are the epitome of grace and all that is pure.  But someone knows something about what these people were doing or about to do.  They told someone.  Not only did the students at Pima Community College warn of Jared Loughner’s behavior, school officials knew of his suspicious nature.  And they did nothing.  Again, the signs were there loud and clear.  What was it that stopped them from reporting the explosive student?  Clearly, it has been said that Jared Loughner was very disruptive in class.  Could he have been forced to visit the school psychiatrist, if there was in fact one on the campus?  Why not?  Isn’t it the school’s responsibility to govern the welfare of each of its students?  As in the case of Tyler Clementi, the school has a responsibility to protect each student not only from the harm of others but from hurting themselves.

There appears to be one person at the center of all the attention that should be strictly focused on the shooting in Arizona, Sarah Palin.  It seems that each time she opens her mouth to speak, she becomes more and more an enabler and igniter of fury.  Though visible with the premise that she is present to set the record straight, she still has the ability to twist words better than T-Pain and Eminem.  For those who believe La Palin to be of the ill-equipped nature to govern any domain, think again.  There are still those out there who are waiting to hear just the right words, phrases that will catapult them into greatness.  When you look at the rise of Sarah Palin, you remember a person who rose from total criticism, and mockery to a now formidable force in politics.  And it’s all about politics and being heard.  Now that she has the floor, she has the podium that controls television stations along with radio and print ads.  But if there is a force that can stop her, why won’t they?  What else is needed to happen to see just where the problem lies?  Is Arizona not even the tip of the iceberg?  There are many out there who are on medication – and even more who can’t afford it.  I guess what can’t be swallowed orally can be ingested audibly.

As the ball continues to be passed around, how much weight does it take for it to be dropped?

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