What is wrong with “The Good Wife?”

The Good Wife (TV series)
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Wow!  How inflammatory was Will, Josh Charles, to guide who appeared to be an on-the-scene thug to a gun that, if he or Alicia, Julianna Margulies, had picked up, was illegal to harbor.  A certain friend of mine told me to not like Will, but I chose otherwise.  I even want to like Alicia on the show – but I’m finding it more and more difficult every viewing because of her passivity.  The show appears to be more about “The Good Assistant” than “The Good Wife.”  I only say that because after watching how she interacts with Will and all his wrongdoings on the show, she’s not very good at all.  Oh yeah, and her children, Zach and Grace, are not the brightest children in the world.

Another act of indecency administered on a black person was the way the thuggish Blake forced a young black girl to “tell the truth.”  When he thought the young woman was lying, Blake head-butts her – in front of another girl of color, Khalinda, Alicia’s assistant.  A white man, who’s not even an attorney, throwing his weight around.  What’s worse is, when he thought the inhabitants of a house he was instructed to scope weren’t home, he broken in only to stare Khalinda in the face as she was talking to the young black girl.  Is this  really how the justice system works?  This is so sad.

It’s nice to see that the children of the Florrick Family are absent.  In just about every episode, the children of the dysfunctional Florrick Family tries so hard to be grown up that they fly so far under the radar to their parents until its hysterical.  Because the parents are so far into themselves, they can in no way see that their children are hurting no only their own progress but their parents’ careers.  And they smile afterwards.  In some ways, the Florrick children remind of the little girl in The Bad Seed and Orphan.  But those kids were really smart – the Florrick kids are only smart by association.  Their mother wants to sleep with her boss and the father smoked crack with a prostitute.  The father went to jail and the mother felt like she was in jail by staying in the relationship.  And then, doesn’t every show now just have to have that gay sibling or parent?  This is so patronizing!  I still haven’t figured out why the gay brother is on the show – but I do understand that Alicia’s roaming husband’s mother believes that gay is learned and that everybody is otherwise born straight.  Is this typical writing or what…or do all elderly people think this way?  Now, had there been no blacks on the show associated with either member of the Florrick Family, I probably would complain.  But because the only Black character is a study partner for the son, and it’s a female, leads me to think that having a Black male youngster on the show would be unheard of.  I’m just sayin’.

For the most part, I like “The Good Wife.”  Even though I get so tired of Alicia and her mild-manneredness, I have hope that the writers will start making the show more interesting with more interaction between Alicia and Khalinda.  I could only imagine what Khalinda would be like if she was an actually lawyer.  She would be what Alicia could only pray to be someday.  Oh, and she wouldn’t daydream about someone like Cary.

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