The California Shooting that has been “blown” out of proportion

Today, at Gardena High School in California, a 16-year-old has been taken into custody for the shooting of two fellow students.  Although the teachers have told police that the incident appeared to be an accident, California Police are treating the child as a hostile adult criminal.

The child carrying a backpack with a gun dropped the backpack in the hallway – only to have the gun dislodge and hit one student in the head, now in critical condition, and another student in the neck, no status received yet.  It has been reported that the child with the backpack ran to another room and was taken into custody later by L.A. police.  It was an accident.  The student who is now in police custody said that he did not mean to hurt anybody.  Yet, this dialogue will fall upon deaf ears.  Again, this was an accident.  I would be interested to know why the child had the gun in the first place.  Parents, teachers, and policemen have said that this is the first time they could recall something of this magnitude happening.  The 2400 member campus was on lockdown as ABC News reported that police were in search of a gunman.  They were never in search of the child as he was in the room with a teacher and sobbing with sorrow.

It will be even more interesting to get the take on the 16-year-old’s parents regarding their child’s involvement in the shooting.  There were no gangs involved – only the accidental dislodging of a gun by a 16 year old child.  Of course, the child will more than likely be interrogated as to his mental state and questioned about his interactions with gangs.  The teachers will be questioned as the whether the child was a good student or not.  Students will be questioned as to whether they feel the shooting was racially motivated.  It was an accident.  It was a Black student whose gun he brought to school accidentally shot other students.  All hopes and prayers go out to the families of all the students.  And, like the “strangler,” he will probably be called a “monster.”

The police can do everything they can to lower the panic mode of parents by letting them know that it was an accident and if they will stop referring to the child as a suspect.  He did not deny that it was his backpack that housed the gun.

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