When the school year is Finished

When the school year is Finished

A Poem by TTBoy28


Gone is any speculation

Reflection is due as scores are

stored away and sealed like an adoption

And the Alma’s song echoes in the halls

shaken in the stalls

The walls stand however tall telling

of all the loose backs it held up while being

rummaged and excavated in the pale lighting

of an after hours pub

Echoes in the halls

So much carried on the shoulders

of the Masters

while even Tina’s tiny whitey is stuffed

in the pocket of his majesty

But gone is any speculation

The last one out is the winner

when he writes the programs to be adhered to

for the grading system remains rigid

year after year

So when the school year is finished

all will be promoted unless they chose to

not succumb to the pressure

and burn the direct bond to chirp

It’s all in being a Lord

For everyone knows what exists underneath

the cloak

But the dagger is felt from such a distance

even the Moor’s housemen dare to challenge

When off come the spectacles

civility is paid in attention to detail

The floors catch what the walls

can’t match

and the artist’s brush splatters


as it is his words to have them come

as they are

Lessons learned

Lessons taught

Those who want to grow

will have their horizons widened

and broadened

when the school year is finished


© 2011 TTBoy28

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