Welcome To The Neighborhood

Welcome To The Neighborhood

A Poem by TTBoy28

76 years old and the paper she receives monthly

fails to cover her on the way to the refrigerator

and her cupboards echo worse than the Cask of the Amontillado

Adding an unpaid for snack to her sack

got her sacked


and life on the streets meets welcomed patriots

to battle against being battered and tattered

in someone else’s happy home

Even with doors locked so much is

unopened and unearthed until the sin shows

The repeal came maybe a day or two too late

to cast out the hate before entering the gate

mamed yet famed

blind enduring enough pain unsuitable for an ox

But the ox moans but for a moment

though not as quick for the subservient soldier

forced to feel through the marsh of timber before

the padlock is placed on the dwelling he fought for

And when the blessed who sit on high

begin to see the darkness in the sky

Wanting to be closer, they wonder why

higher and higher they go

for the glide eases the blow

followed by a more colorful show below

The sorrow written in stone

as one comes in and goes out alone

Could have been that the only way to repay

a debt for educational salvation

was to seek it by hitting the pavement

harder than many ever will

if luck would have it

Inheritances received

are now miseries grieved

What should have been relieved

faces pity in the faces of the deceived

Even bomb shelters are no longer a place for safety

for homeless squatters

find the streets uninhabitable

May someone bless the mess that endures

the stress

donned in black and blue dress

Side glocked and cocked

for unexplainable reasons at his own offspring

or the brothers and sisters who shelter a code of silence

enraging and provoking violence

Six feet under

What a blunder

Feel the thunder

Think about your number

© 2011 TTBoy28

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