A 60’s Lie

A 60’s Lie

A Poem by TTBoy28

As the story goes

No one really knows

How hard it was back in the day

A young girl

In a grown up world

Careful of the words to say

Looking for love

to come from above

pushed and passed around

Thinking she had it made

only to be kept in the shade

Ashamed of what she found

Stepped up was a man

who vowed to take her hand

but she would have no part of it

Thinking of what he had created

He was all too elated

for her the shoe didn’t fit

But she played on the lie

that only she knew why

even gave the child his name

Was it done out of hate

could the child relate

for her it was all the same

She knew the truth

forcing the child to be a sleuth

He needed to know

Giving him bits and pieces

in fits of grief and releases

On his own journey he would go

And when he found the answers

after many romancers

he felt himself back in the womb

Why would she neglect

a creation of disrespect

unlocking his soul from a tomb

Love, pain and compassion

though rage in every fashion

Years they both lived a lie

Now a woman who kept going

harboring secrets well worth knowing

Whose heart was it allowed to cry


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