I’m A Cowboy

I’m A Cowboy

Just a step

to the left

or to the right

That’s alright

Walkin’ tall

All on fire

Ain’t a wonder

I might go under

Saddle up

I’m ready to go

Giddy Giddy

You sho’ll look pretty

I’m a cowboy in these jeans

and when I wear this hat

I love to see your face

When I pul the reign back

Won’t waste no time

Ridin’ in your rodeo

I’m a cowboy in these jeans

But they’re just for show

It could be a game

If you want it to be one

Use your real name

We can still make it fun

How long can you buck

before you tire out

It’d be just my luck

if you gave me a shout out

Bowlegged me

Big legged you

What a sight to see

A cowboy and horse could do

I’m a champ in this ring

I’ll break you in

Only one horse could sing

But you could come from the

back again and again

A lot of Horses ain’t slow

And cowboys tame the wild

They can take more than you know

For a long, long while


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