All The Love I Could

All the love I could

A Poem by TTBoy28


Gave all the good I could

it wasn’t good enough

What will it take for you

to love me if you could


Where were you when you

needed me
I was standing in your line

But I guess I wasn’t tall enough


Couldn’t you have called my name

done something to find me

I was standing in your line

All alone like usually


It was me you took from

though you thought it was the others

Gave you all the good I could

just to be one of your lovers


I could have cried in your presence

what kind of man would I be

I could have screamed and yelled too

Still, you couldn’t be with me


So when the lights are low

therefore are your emotions

Will you reach for me then

stretching for true devotions


Will you ever be where you can find me

no matter how far away you are

To accept all the good I have

and not like some falling star


Gave you all the love I could

and watched you crush many a dreams

How would I ever feel right

with hopes ripped at the seams


© 2011 TTBoy28

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