Straight Doesn’t Always Mean That

Straight Doesn’t Always Mean That

A Poem by TTBoy28

Chances taken behind the back
Hot cat dances
Black ones aren’t always unlucky
Mirrored images often broken
but still beautiful as a token
thought to be unopened
Poster Child of 100%ers who
embellish the screams of non-believers
Deceive them while defiling them
Naughty talk becomes the
Straight shooters see the target
as the bulls-eye isn’t always the
The wolf in sheep’s clothing
Deep down a path of self-loathing
So good a psychic doesn’t show that sickening
aura a flamed aglow
Though burn it well may
some how some day
Such a price to pay
for something as flexible as clay
that will only stand so close to
an oven

© 2011 TTBoy28

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