Tossing Admin’s Salad

Tossing Admin’s Salad

A Poem by TTBoy28

As big as the grant is
so much the participation must be
Assistance comes at a price
one that other’s cannot naturally see

A simple request
may go long unheard
Unless you are part of the rest
that mentions them in your spoken word

When all else fails
you create a new sight
Still skeptical of the entrails
as retaliation becomes an invisible fight

Claiming that you don’t exist
should bring you to your knees
Establishing sanity is what you can’t resist
with exuberant and over-abundant pleas

Praise is what’s needed
careful not to be too militant
With a fond hello too lately greeted
carbon copies rest safely vigilant

But while awaiting a link to salvation
spam also sits in another pan
Maybe they’ve gone on vacation
reading erotica out loud with one hand

© 2011 TTBoy28

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