Dunkin’ Donuts on Velasko Road does not like its customers!

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Picture this, in November, I went into the Velasko Road Dunkin’ Donuts in Syracuse only to find the store’s staff very rude.  Before I could approach the register, the two black males working (one on the register, the other sweeping) started laughing and as one said, “You see this…,” I turned to see what he was referring to.  It was obvious that he was referring to me.  Well, my first instinct was to turn and walk out, but why?  Were these young men serious?  I mean, that type of in-your-face behavior, yet they would continue to behave in such a manner that has never been reflective of Dunkin’ Donuts.  Shocked, I acted as if nothing was wrong and I made it home to write a letter to Dunkin’ Donuts’ corporate office.

I received a call from the manager of the store, Charmaine, about two weeks after posting the comment on Dunkin’ Donuts’ site.  We talked at length and I made sure she knew the two young gentlemen I had encountered.  Charmaine said that should would like to make it up to me and even asked what would make me happy after apologizing for the behavior of the two gentlemen.  At that time, I had not frequented that particular store, but I asked Charmaine if those two gentlemen would be made aware of my talk with her.  She assured me that they would not be privy to our conversation.  Since I could not decide on any one particular thing from the store, Charmaine told me that “…what you decide on, and if I’m not here, just let whoever know that I said it’s okay.”  I took her at her word.

Well, after some time and constant calling trying to make sure of the time Charmaine was working, I still went into the store – only to purchase my own items until I felt the time was right.  So, on February 27, I decided to try and get a pound of Dunkin Donuts’ coffee and a donut.  I told the young female cashier, Cinamin, that Charmaine said that it was okay.  Cinamin tried to get her store manager to approve the transaction.  She refused, asking me “…what was wrong with the pound of coffee…” I got.  It was then that I asked her to have someone contact Charmaine.  Then, I encountered Heather…a rather bullish young woman who had waited on me quite a few times prior to my coming in for the pound of coffee.  Heather suddenly acted as if she had never seen me before.  Challenging every word I said, even in front of the customers in the store – when I said that I will just contact the corporate office, Heather repeated said, “That’s fine.  That’s fine.”  Quite condescending and bordering on infuriating, I still wanted the two donuts I set out to get.  “Are you sure you want to pay for them?” Heather said.  “Yes.  I do.  I’ll just take it up with your corporate office,” I said.  Again, from Heather, “That’s fine.  That’s fine.”

What a slap in the face!  Now had Charmaine placed a restriction on the items I could get, that would have not caused the ruckus that was created on Sunday, February 28.  Charmaine would not speak with me on the phone, as I did ask to speak with her.

I am very upset with this Dunkin Donuts.  I don’t know what is going on with the management of this chain, but the customer service is slipping with the employment of the young crew there.  Maybe Charmaine was embarrassed that I was trying to get the pound of coffee since another manager was present.  Either way, I was not told that I had any restrictions on what I could get to make up for my earlier inconvenience at the Velasko Road store in Syracuse, New York.

I have had many people ask me why I go to Dunkin Donuts when they know I prefer Starbucks.  Yes, I do prefer Starbucks!  And, I truly realize why I pay a heftier price for even average coffee…They cater to what I want!  Obviously, Dunkin’ Donuts, on an average, waste most of my time!  Especially this particular store.

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