Song and Flowers

Song and Flowers

A Poem by TTBoy28

Excuse yourself
for taking my hand to kiss it
before handing me a rose as red as
the lust I see through your chemise

Move your lips
as to mumble standard words
that serve as a vow
before binding me with the circle of fire

Attempt to chastise me
with enough eternal glee no other can
Bringing about drizzle to rain shower from inside

If you cannot dance for me
why should we gallivant together
Even with your own scribed lyrics
no melody can be formed

And to what song will we be one
upon noting the first note
May it belong to another whose flesh
quivers after your gaze

So give me no song and dance
but for a song and flowers
Pray do I the bloom lasts
as long as the song’s overture

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