Tainted sweetness of bittered
goodness only so as the spoonfuls
and sprinkles flow
Naturally grown
benefits shown
spectacularly protruded
parts caused by the aphrodisiac
But what extends
another bends with sights sure
to offend again and again
maybe in the end of a best
Though some cannot comprehend
the outcome of an unscathed end
while others use lips to service
with a hand to lend
In the eyes the size
between one’s thighs
sometimes not caught by
can surely surmise and despise
a demise that all are equal
actors in a sequel
should have sneaked a peek in the locker room
at the prequel
With a voice of choice
as smooth as a Rolls Royce
And hue as even as midnight dew
Able to play golf in the dark
while streaking in the park
No talking needed
when a pea-shaped greeting needs
to be reeded
May all see the light
after what could be a pleasurable
to whip a face with the slip of the
or add its butter under a slip
What scars it hides
after the gooeyness glides
though chocolate and vanilla
still makes for a picturesque manila
Until after a while
its features will only be the
that history purposefully will fire
the teachers
who divulge the truth
setting the stage for the
ignorant sleuth

© 2011 TTBoy28

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