Word Games

Word Games

A Poem by TTBoy28


How can I say the N-word
so as not to offend?
Will it then be a way
to a better end?
Or will it just continue
to add more choices to
the menu?
Can I use it when not
describing a color
unable to perform my right as
a skuller?
Would I even be able
to use a halo
misconstrued as a noose
hanging onto the
Either way
the feeling won’t go away
It’s just here to stay
…so, many would say
Unable to take a bite
and call it a night
What’s done it done
and still forever on the run
The way it is said
turns even its supporters red
From where does
the anger come
as test don’t reveal
the one who is truly dumb
Created to be hated
in a time He was elated
Though dated
Still berated
A voice of reason
though the bass is that of
Militant not
while vigilant to rot
A proud dialect
that demands much respect
In retrospect
all the more reason to
Able to smile in the dark
and sing alongside a Lark
Unable to wear a tie
when its cost prays that one
should die
Change that word to “Never”
or even “whatever”
A definition classless of being clever
Still visions of sugarplums
hanging from the trees
Scented of the priciest of colognes
tumbling and floating in the breeze

© 2011 TTBoy28

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