Plastic Bottle

Like a plastic water bottle
I become used to being
used again
And again
my voice strengthens and crunches
at times when air is necessary
Whether a label is still upon me
I know that I can hold
my capacity
as long as I am not punctured
though crumbled or flattened
deflated or abbreviated
There will I be
Colorful or colorless
yet I stand for something
And you reach for my design
And I make you
I make you when I grace your
I make you when your lips
touch mine
Again and Again
Even as I am filled to the brim
there is always room
at the top
to see my shimmy
My dance of life
to go inside you
entice you
to fill you
and nourish you
With or without a label placed on me
you know what I am
and you know you need me
if not now
you will eventually

It’s all about you

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