Lord, Where is my Mother?

I was not the reason for your
I wasn’t even the cause of their
All I wanted was our
I don’t care to know their

When I was sick, what was the
When I was alone, where were
Was the worst crime all of
When they were done, what did they

How long did you carry me
before I became a burden?
Did you ever even
What was the word that let them
Who even stayed the longest

I clung to you
as only my soul could do
And could not remember your
No Patty Cake Man or
Googley Goo
Where is the memory,
even the slightest trace?

I can’t recall the cold
just cuddling from afar
This is someone’s greatest story
ever told
I became another’s shining

Should I be cruel to myself
and change my way of life
Or should I grab all I can
in remembrance of emotional strife?

Searching for Pity
I may find her or him
Though it may not take a big city
Still, I’ll be out on a limb

Please keep her safe
from future Life’s harm
And devote a little time to her
be the cross her good luck charm

Love is not a word
I often use and take for granted
Pleasure even goes unheard
when the wrong seed has been planted

© 2011 TTBoy28

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