Snatch my hair like
you snatched my snatch
away from the first who ever
allowed me to scratch the back
of the latch I needed to match my
What a long and steady flame
that could only tame the lame who
gave the name to the fame attained by
playing the game without any shame
Yet my snatch grows
deeper as the nose grows
by all who knows who had a chance but
couldn’t romance in time
or at the drop of the dime they so bragged
faithfully and sublime
in order to continue the rhyme
as the snatch sings like a chime
only squeezing sourly like the taste of
a lime
Oh, if time could only savor
such a delicious flavor lapped up like a
saber tooth tiger
Instead the snatch gives head
in or out of bed
Any direction is the sleuth or the tooth
sought after
insatiable with laughter
infuriated if not elated
designated while some say berated
Overly dated
willingly stated
The snatch is the hatch
that attracts the best batch
Others want to come
but onlookers only humm

© 2011 TTBoy28

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