The Ride

The Bullet Falcon Motorcycle - Kick Side
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The Ride

A Poem by TTBoy28


The crisp leaves below me
crunch not as my speed speeds
to satisfy my need
Is it really destination unknown
and can I truly rely on the Auto Pilot
I have yet to make the acquaintance of?
And the leaves below me
rise up behind me to catch me
to go with me
to flow with me
And to acknowledge what is below
would and possibly could become my
so I let my skies above be the skies
down here
Unable to see ahead
The leaves know
and they know me
Whether I packed light
or not
I feel weightless
for that revving hum is like
an interracial choir
Where darkness up ahead
is just a different kind of light
I enjoy them all
and they release me each time
to welcome me again and again
As if I make a friend
everywhere I go
Over my shoulder
though behind me then
I see the glow
Invitations are made
U-turns due to the
Thrilled to seek am I
Did I
Do I have a choice
of skies to venture off
Though what’s and who are
there is already
Who gets the better joy?
For me,
 I don’t have a gas tank
Oh the leaves smell ever so
and crackle ever so crisply
as I slowly rev down
my engine
at the next loading station
I even become like-a magnet for them
Clinging static
Falling off when I get
back on


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