I Wore Red

I Wore Red

A Poem by TTBoy28

I wore red
before I met you
But now I
just wear Blue
After all that I
have been through
How can it still
be true
Thought I had
it all together
weathered the stormiest
Through all the clouds
and crowds
a light still shined
fined tuned
that sight was
I stood tall and
maybe for way too long
I needed to be
I wanted someone true
with something new
That could bring out
the best in me
But what I didn’t know
is what didn’t
Inside your light was
Because you talked and smiled
hiding all the while
that you were really
in love with Him
No matter what I
I just couldn’t kid
myself or those around
they all knew
who was loving who
I’m headed back to
Lost and Found
So, that’s why
I wear Blue
because I met
And my heart is seeing
After all that I have
been through
so much confusion in
my head
Please someone help me
with what is going
Why the colors I
often make me
too blind to see
the clues

© 2011 TTBoy28


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