Where Angels Dare To Cry

Morning comes
and he wishes he was gone
Nighttime falls
and he dreams of moving on
And even though the sun shines in the sky
He wants to go where Angels do not cry

Through the streets he walks in silence
trying to separate all the lies and violence
Crime speaks even through the heart
Wanting to find a better way – make a new start
And in his dreams up high he can fly
Up there where Angels don’t have to cry

He visits the sites of those gone before him
Wondering who’s better off, is it them?
The little sign on top tells no story
Not even if there was any guts or any glory
Does God ever ask the question Why
If ever there was an Angel who was made to cry

When he calls out to the spirits below and above
he longs to feel the warmth of their love
Why is it something he has to pray for
when for others he was just an open door
Broken dreams of tears fall and dry up to the sky
up there to where Angels dare to cry

The brighter to light, the dimmer the sight
He prays for forgiveness with all his might
Is it so wrong to pray for too long
Will he be able to ever join in with their song
How do we really know when it’s our turn to die
if even Angels dare to cry

© 2011 TTBoy28


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