Indifferent Until Proven Necessary


I lived in a city
that I had to beg to see me
What a pity
now that I am bigger than it will ever be

Told I should be grateful
and thankful to them at the same time
Even before darkness shone the hateful
as the whites of my eyes played pantomime

Where is Love
when fear supersedes
so many look above
for inaction causes hearts to bleed

Television shows spite
and Print becomes mint
for less than white is never right
for a five letter adjective to endure a lifetime stint

The Churches have Fathers
Damned are those boys who stand and bothers
Reasons to run away from Home
Feelings of despair and loathing while in Rome

Will anyone someone grant absolution
or even render a solution
to embrace the forlorn on this confusion
How can we all be a child of God
when incarceration is allowed with just a nod?

I saw the Phoenix before
it rose again
And learned perseverance was his
best friend

without help
only can one yelp

Roar does the Lion
across every nation to Zion
Roar with dignity does the Lion

another reason for them to keep their
eye on
your Whites and all

Though your icing may be too much to take

© 2011 TTBoy28

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