The Eyes…

Can you see

what evil sees?

Be they green, blue, hazel

 grey, brown

Sitting superior to a grimace

misconstrued as a smile

In front of an intellect that preys

the prey will pray before him

Below him

Above him

No less preying

Slaying with grandeur swiftly

And constantly


to not delude

Shiny glittery magical

mystical trinkets only masked by

 pinny dolls

But they don’t see

what evil sees

Only doing what it is told

Hands on the warm-blooded


The lids only closed in times

 of pleasure

Devoid of sounds

Grimacing above the menacing

Menacing while grimacing


even with an audience who performs


confessionals, rituals in closets

And trust does see what evil sees

Though stupidity overshadows


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