What occupies the pews worships

the builder of each steeple

Chanting melodic though confusing verse

Controlled to serve as a path to the heart

of all creation

Minds brazen by another beholder

proudly embrace each hand and raising

palm after palm upward in grace

as if to bid “Hello” or to keep the entity

from falling down

The kiddy passed gently around weighs of


And the speaker tells of costs associated with

maintaining and sustaining

 the eminence of the holy


the statues weep and the stains on the windows

move with the clouds in the background

The message of the day remains the same as

last week

Not in attendance is Joseph whose wife went on

 before he did

Sara who served as Record Keeper and just turned

 93 on the day Joseph tried to deliver her to her


Serving the Cause brought about an effect of life’s


Yet their tombstone lies on the outside

3 thoughts on “Sanctuary

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