The Public



for pleasure

Like an aromatic blend

of beans


jumps to its


Slinging dung

Flung like mud

Deliciously delightful to some

Mainstream fodder to foes

Who knows

from where the cash flow flows

Sometimes delivered in prose

Watch as the Speaker’s nose grows

Longer sentences should warrant

callous Search and Seizure

To know is to boast

Later toast

Whereas to stutter means clutter

More fitfully suitable for the gutter


for pleasure

One Man’s junk

becomes a group’s treasure

Tidy Whities

pressure the All-Mighties

Give or don’t receive

Relieve or be bereaved

Deceive and they believe

Pretty as a picture

The epitome of being the richer

One left standing tall

Though the spook or the kook in

 the corner waits for your fall

Shout out to All

On the screen rhetoric has a ball

Stay in perfect pitch

away from Papa Razzi

 That Bitch

Know everything you should

even if your child visited the Hood

Mask it with a service for the Good

Making the best of the shadiest

seed you ever could

But if ever you do get snapped

reiterate how you got slapped

Should they try and televised it for


May what’s below your belt be what

they want

 to measure

Walk wide and hard

Stay on your guard

Let Your pleasure

be televised

Alas Your aura

 be despised

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