Hello, History


Hello, History

I hope you remember my name

although some things may have been left out

the facts should remain the same


I guess there may have been a calling

to do just what I did

The further I delved, the more I felt like falling

and wondering if ever I was a kid


Things have been written

more has been said

At times the world was smitten

after hearing that I was dead


Many have done what I have done

some even considered better

I’d like to believe that I had nothing but fun

exuding my love without a fetter


I never sought fortune or fame

I never wanted to feel the lights

There was only something about my name

that helped me through the nights


To see a smile

or hear the joy

Made whatever I did worthwhile

for some little girl or little boy


There was never any claim to pain

although it was not all about glee

I am so grateful my living brought the rain

in a way that could only be done by me


So, dear History

I really hope that you remember my name

Whatever you choose to leave out

Please make sure the facts remain the same


© 2010 TTBoy

12 thoughts on “Hello, History

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