You must ache for me


You must ache for me
God-fearing, smiling,
painless You
You must ache for me

Devoid of any contact
Years in separated solitude
The memory of that last passionate event
became a nightmare

And you woke up
…and let music play
Drowning out my face
and my hunger pangs

You must ache for me

To forget your first
is that naive

Add time with sight
Denial with all might
is that naive

Cast aside
so you could avoid the slip and slide
Was it God’s will that
held you all these years?

I ache for You

Denial and living a lie
is not the same
Especially as one plays a game
victorious in the name game

But what picture cannot speak
All it takes is one
to move the haze and bring the sun

I ache for You
though Time has healed nothing
for me
Loveless is my reality

That is unless
You have ached for me
and what possibly I turned out to be
through a disgraceful nativity

Before You go back to sleep,
try and remember that first naive
passionate moment
that made God speak to You

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