You make me want to

You make me want to


Sounds reverberated into the air

stimulate my brain as if to care

At rest can I only hope to share

what has invaded my being as fair


Stripped I be n’er exposing my globes

Closing light appears as dancers behind strobes

On the table and back in line

flow out of my veins rare red sea wine


You make me want to


I could place the blame on you

But you would still go on

The World needs one true scapegoat

to show the real genius through a moron


And as tick goes the clock

time taken away in remembrance of the glock

Depths and flights made in shock

As judgment waits in line ad hoc


You make me want to


Be they fears and overwhelming jeers

So sure of the direction that will steer my tears

No mention of divinity or committed queers

You make me want to straddle stratospheres





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