Days of the Past

  Oh, great days of the past

You have kicked my ass

Leaving me wanting what I once had

and the days that made me glad


I never did complain

Maybe had a gripe or two

But none of that is the same

since there’s nothing for a poor man to do


Good ‘ole overtime

Gee, I miss you so much

The thought of rubbing together a quarter with a dime

to make a phone call for a conversation or just a touch


A fight with my boss

How formal and legit

If I packed up, it wouldn’t be such a loss

Now I be damned if I quit


Close one door

 then walk through another

Now not even a whore

could be paid as a mistress or a lover


In the days of Me

I still worked towards the Big Picture

White lines made eyes wider to see

Testing done now results in scales of the Richter


I used to could ask for a stamp

and not sound rude

Now I’m seen as a tramp

like I’m seeking a handout or some food





I would vote and not think

what a difference it would make

Able to wash my hair in the sink

instead of fully bathing now in a lake


At least I had a roof

That is, over my head

Lying in living proof

that I wasn’t better off dead


What good is being covered

When there is a co I have to pay

I still feel like I’m being smothered

even though I saved for a rainy day


On my hands and knees

I pray for down here and to what’s up above

Maybe someone will hear my begs and pleas

and show me a little love


Did I take a lot for granted

back when times were good?

Being numb has made my eyes slanted

like most others in my neighborhood


Oh, great days of the past

You have truly kicked my ass

Leaving me wanting what I once had

and making me wish I had been a little more bad


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