The OUT Magazine Interview

TTBoy-The Writer interviewed by C. Robinson-Jeffers

Coming Out from the Vault 





O:  Where are you from?

T:                             I spent most of my time in Upstate New York and a lot of time in Atlanta, Georgia.



Which place do you like more?

You can do more when you’re not so close to home.



Did you go to school in Upstate New York?

Yes.  Grade School and college



What did you major in?

Aside from people, I double-majored in Communications and English



What do you mean, “Aside from people?”

Well, I mean, in college there were so many different choices, different

characters, a piece here – a piece there.  You know what I’m sayin’



Okay.  I get it.  So I guess you “communicated” well?

Kinda sorta.  It was such a trying time at SUNY.  It was my Creative Writing

Professor that really kept me interested in school.



Who was your teacher?

Famed author Mark Nepo.  You know, Oprah really promoted his book.

I won’t go into the title because just his name alone is enough.  He was

really my mentor.




So, Mark Nepo helped you start your writing career?

Yes.  While I was in his class, I wrote my manuscript for

“But what is Life…anyway?”  It started with a couple short stories, poetry



Was the writing really personal?

I guess you could say that.  I mean, Mr. Nepo really made us dig deep

and he could tell when we weren’t honest in our writes.  I don’t know how,

but he just had that gift of feeling that the writer was cheating his




Did you ever feel that you had to stretch the truth even a little bit in a story or a poem?

I think the worst I ever did was use a thesaurus sometime to not sound so

repetitive.  Some people even told me that repetition could be a good

thing – at times.  But only with words.



So if you were to equate that to a physical relationship, you wouldn’t go back to one after it ended?

How could you?  It just wouldn’t be the same.  It couldn’t be the same.

What was the reason for the split in the first place?



You go by the name “TTBoy.”  Have you ever met the first “TTBoy?”


I’m actually TTBoy-The Writer.  I haven’t met TTBoy-The Porn Star.  Art is

Art and an Artist is an Artist.



Can you write porn?


I have written erotic-themed poems and stories.  I wonder if TTBoy-The

Porn Star ever wrote a poem.  He’s probably done a little “poetry-in-




So you are a Bad Boy?


Guess I have been.  I can be.  It depends on what you consider “Bad.”




Is there a TTBoy-the Writer video?


Just of me speaking my poetry.  At least, I think that’s it.  No, I’m kidding.

That’s it.


What does the future hold for TTBoy-the Writer?


I want to keep writing.  I might even decide to get into film.  Not Adult

Film.  Maybe with Quentin Tarantino or Spielberg.  Oliver Stone might

be a little more radical though.  I got some ideas.



One last question, are you…?


I’ll let you answer that.  But, does it matter?

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