The Watchful Sky

I watch the sky

not at it watches me

The stars in my eyes

are not those above I see

The straight line I walk for them

I forever wait my turn and hum a hymn

And form do the clouds of life

Below many add by inducing their tearful strife

Watch do I the watchful sky


I watch the sky

Ears ringing not to ask why

But why

Why does the rain fall down on me

when my own fails to touch

The moon rests high at night

while high my neighbor’s moon comes at a price

A bird soars freely without restraints

Even my hums reverberate all four walls a gate


Watch do I the sky


Soliloquies and prose

so morose does not sweet Heaven knows

Stupor supported by any wine

Spirits shout silently staging a shrine

Sisters sitting on salacious sickles

Staring sickly sickly staring

Serpents sneak slippery spunk

Savoring sweet screams before squeezing seven skunks

 Write my name upon my thigh

Whether it is false my blood draws nigh

As a tattoo served a stain

Shades shelter my eyes from my brain

Should I describe my reasoning sense

Retreat I shall toward a more quiet pense

Please tell me why I must ask

to have what is rightfully mine to dance and bask


Super Trooper that is I

the one who dares to spy on the sky

Watch do I the watchful sty

that laughs at tribulations

 and blames science for omnipotent lies






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