TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  When did Bill Maher become so passionate in what he does?  Is he really always stoned

                                on his show?


TTBoy Says:   Is the reason why Meg Ryan hasn’t been in a movie recently because of her on-screen

                                 interaction with Black guys?


TTBoy Says:  Why is it easier for a woman to come out of the closet than a man to do so?


TTBoy Says:  Is there a secret operation in the White House titled:  ISCRAM?  Oh wait, that’s really

                                RACISM, isn’t it?


TTBoy Says:  Why doesn’t anyone question President Clinton on his Free Trade decision he made

                                when he was in office?                                 


TTBoy Says:  Will Tyler Perry ever have a $100 million opening for any of his movies?


TTBoy Says:  Did Allstate get flack over its commercial where the Black construction worker calls the

                                White construction worker, “One Dumb Dude?”


TTBoy Says:  Virginia Madsen is Hollywood’s most underrated actress?


TTBoy Says:  If the majority of dancer, back-up dancers are not straight, does J-Lo think she’s hit

                                the Jackpot?


TTBoy Says:  Why are there so many Crime and Detective stories on Oprah’s OWN network?


TTBoy Says:  Can you tell which Hollywood celebrities have cheated death too many times?


TTBoy Says:  Do real doctors tell single, unattached men to use vibrators to relax their prostate?


TTBoy Says:  Why are McDonald’s workers so angry?


TTBoy Says:  What would happen to all the employees at FOX NEWS and CNN, if they chose to

                                 cancel programming due to consistent online flubs?


TTBoy Says:  Why produce a show like “Hollywood Exes?”  They are “Exes.”


TTBoy Says:  Wouldn’t it be explosive if Andy Dick met Chris Crocker?


TTBoy Says:  Is there a conspiracy to hide all of the crying photos of John Boehner after the

                                 Healthcare decision was read?


TTBoy Says:  Why can’t Yahoo! find better writers for its website?


TTBoy Says:  Will the Powers-that-Be finally let Lindsay Lohan crash and burn after she finishes the

                                Lifetime Movie?


TTBoy Says:  Rihanna must be All That, since she’s got two artist fighting over her.


TTBoy Says:  A Stripper’s life may be over soon, but his or her work is never done.


TTBoy Says:  Will Lee Daniels ever make a movie about the Evolution of Man?


TTBoy Says:  Will Woody Allen ever make a movie similar to Sidney Poitier’s, “Guess Who’s Coming

                                 to Dinner?”


TTBoy Says:  Can Bette Midler perform the songs she did in the movie “The Rose” today?


TTBoy Says:  Is Leah Remini a bitter person?


TTBoy Says:  For some, the state of Florida is their lucky rabbit’s foot.


TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to “It Gets Better?”


TTBoy Says:  Can a battered Stay-at-Home Dad experience PTSD at home?


TTBoy Says:  Since The Huffington Post was bought-out by AOL, who determines its content?


TTBoy Says:  Why is Louie CK being called the Great White Hope of comedy?


TTBoy Says:  Why do divorced people always try to give dating advice?


TTBoy Says:  A McDonald’s coffee cup, A Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup, and a Starbuck’s coffee up…

                                which one will get you a better conversation from a total stranger?


TTBoy Says:  Has Melanie Griffith fallen and she can’t get up?


TTBoy Says:  Is Andy Cohen an easy-going man to work for?


TTBoy Says:  With the three-second delay in place, can’t we do away with lip syncing now?


TTBoy Says:  It’s good to see the first “AT&T Girl” still going strong film today.


TTBoy Says:  Will Halle Berry ever find True Love?


TTBoy Says:  Just how many benefits are there for drinking coffee?  Do you have to always drink it?


TTBoy Says:  Why does Bobby Jindal always look like he’s lost more weight every time he

                                appears in public?


TTBoy Says:  Will Sarah Jessica Parker ever address the issue with the age of her hands?


TTBoy Says:  Was Sofia Vergara ever a struggling actress?


TTBoy Says:  Is Krisy McNichol still on the Hollywood scene?


TTBoy Says:  Where is Alanis Morissette?


TTBoy Says:  Is Lauryn Hill really crazy?


TTBoy Says:  Is Kelsey Grammer experiencing karma because of how he treated his ex Camille?

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