“Overtime” vs. “Family Time”

To Chuck E. Cheese's
To Chuck E. Cheese’s (Photo credit: pmsyyz)

Today was the first day of the rest of someone else’s life.

Who could have ever thought that Facebook would be the savior of all that is grace and holy?  I mean, there are times when people post really superficial quotes and ideas.  But then there are the times when someone will post something really meaningful other than letting you know that they are “…headed to the bathroom” or “…Just checked in at Chuck E. Cheese.”  Of course, I’m kidding.  Most of the time, those going to Chuck E. Cheese don’t even have children.  People love to share their personal business with the public, if they’re doing something to stay busy.  So, is it that awful to let the world know that you’ve chosen to do absolutely nothing but enjoy the noise, chaos, and never-ending-potential-feelings-of-doom in the privacy of your own home.

A Facebook friend posted how he:  “Cancelled overtime today for some family time to play.”  Excuse me?  In a time when most people would nearly sell their own hair follicles to try and make ends meet, this person is telling the world, “I like the dough, but today I had to say, ‘No.'”  Now this is a person with a legitimate family which consists of children and a spouse under the same roof.  When asked if there would be a family outing, the response was, “No.  We have family videos we all can watch, and food…and the phone is staying off the entire day!”  How often do you hear something like that?  Allowing money to take a backseat to the family?  Some of you may be saying, “But maybe they are already set for money.”  Either way, today is a new day along with a new way of thinking for this human being.

For however long it had been going on, a family man had devoted his family time to someone or something else.  Yes, he was most likely trying to build his nest egg for his kids future or keeping his beautiful wife in the lifestyle that she had grown accustomed to.  The bottom line is today he realized that he had neglected the better part of his life.  And he took control.  Because of his kind heart, he did find someone who was able to take his place at work.  It was an easier task than he thought.  He just thought of a single person from work who could probably benefit from the extra pay.  When most people think that single people are out having a good time, wild, and free…there are those single people who are striving for the Big Picture – building a nest egg for a rainy day.  He helped someone else today, despite giving up the pay.  Maybe there will be some karmic force that my friend will have to deal with later.  In spite of, and because of today, the world is a much better place with a smile on someone else’s face.

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